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Private Eye Investigations offers a variety of courses taught by experiences professionals. Our mission is to enhance the security and awareness within our communities in regards to fraud, security, business, cybersecurity, parenting etc. 
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No one leaves empty handed! We want to ensure that everyone leaves feeling like they got their money's worth!
We also provide specialized courses to fit your needs. Call us for more information on how to arrange a specialiazed seminar.
Parental Security Awareness

This two-hour, one of a kind, seminar provides parents with in-depth knowledge on how to track their children’s social media, cellphones and even vehicles. We teach parents signs of cyberbullying, substance abuse, and predators. We explore the current laws and regulations regarding children, curfews, tracking and the interesting world of the internet. Each individual leaves the seminar with peace of mind, awareness and a goodie bag. Do not allow negligence be your next regret.  ​​
Children's Cyber Security Awareness

This never seen before course shows your kids how apps such as SnapChat, Tinder, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. really work. Let us teach your kids how we have the ability to review comments and pictures they believed to have been deleted. Allow us to educate your children on how employers use social media as their first step into an informal background check.  Let us explain to your young ones the laws and regulations revolving around Cyberbullying, online and via video games.
We will demonstrate the truth and dangers behind social media, including identifying predators and how to prevent becoming a victim. We will also provide every child with important information in regards to who to contact for cyberbullying, anonymous hot line for those who just need to talk, who to contact to report a predator, etc. 
Kids seem to think they know it all. We're here to teach them how much they truly don't know, and how scary the truth can really be. Let us help you bring awareness to your children.
Interviewing Skills:
Interviewer vs interviewee: methodology, awareness, techniques and tips.

Interviewing styles are key components to successfully obtain your objective. 
Whether you are screening, staffing or investigating, understanding your role in conducting interviews requires many skills and determines the interview style to be utilized.
This session provides key elements that one requires to understand the interview style to be utilized as well as an understanding of the techniques and knowledge to ensure a successful result.  These include methods to uncover important details, what, when and how to deliver your questions, maintaining control and focus as well as other elements and tips to empower you with the tools you need.
Tactical Surveillance 

This half day hands-on training incorporates a variety of tactical surveillance methods, theory, tricks, knowledge, and basic understanding of what it means being on surveillance. Situational awareness is key to be able to master surveillance. We will push your limits and comfort zones while testing your abilities as a private investor throughout this fun-filled hands-on training.
Report Writing

This half-day in-class course will teach and prepare you on how to write professional reports. We ensure that you have the knowledge and abilities to efficiently write reports ready for clients, lawyers and overall that follow ministry standards. This training is designed for individuals wanting to work as a Private Investigator, Security Guard or Police Officer. We instill confidence in your abilities to write well documented reports. 
Fraud Awareness 

This incredible two-hour session will teach you trick of the trade on how to protect yourself against fraud. Prevention is crucial in a world lead by technology. Don't be the next victim! We teach you about identity theft, creditcard fraud, catfishing, online scams, email fraud etc. Protect yourself against fraud today. 
Business Security Awareness

Business and corporate security, surveillance, fraud, cyber, etc. will all be taught in-depth during this course. Many people start a business without the proper knowledge of how to protect themselves, their brand/product, reputation and more, against threats of any kind. 
We develop specific security awareness programs designed for your business based on your needs. We will teach management and/or employees about key criterion in regards to security and how to prevent losses, damages and threats from occurring while promoting safety for employees and clients.
Crime Scene Investigation Workshop

This is truly a fun-filled activity for individuals of all ages; young or wise. We set up a crime scene at a location of your preference, create a scenario and teach you the following: how to secure a crime scene, collect evidence, process DNA samples, and interview witnesses and suspects. Once all the information is gathered you must then try to figure out the culprit! This interactive hands-on experience is truly one of a kind and is designed for a maximum of 8 people.  
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