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Raised in the intelligence environment, I have come to know, understand and learn many tactical skills in order to complete a variety of tasks related to surveillance, interrogating criminals and interviewing witnesses. I have extensive experience proof reading, requesting amendments and completing background, criminal and security checks while working for the Government of Canada in liaison with intelligence organizations. I have hands-on experience with video surveillance, undercover work and reading individuals their Rights while completing work as a Loss Prevention Officer for some of Ottawa's largest stores. In addition, I have experience working closely with inmates, interacting with them and monitoring them while I worked for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the Northwest Territories as a prison guard. You can count on me and my team to be professional, efficient and discrete no matter what you need assistance with.

Located in our Nation’s Capital, Private Eye Investigations is one of Ottawa’s fastest growing private investigation agencies. Open 24/7 and 365 days a year, we’re always ready to serve you.
We use top of the line equipment, up-to-date software and preeminent surveillance techniques. We are efficient, discreet, reliable, trusted, and continuously seeking new challenges.

We offer some of the most unique services such as, but not limited to: surveillance, forensic accounting, installation of hidden cameras, interviewing, missing person’s, background checks, fraud investigations, custody disputes, etc. 

Unlike any other agency we also provide an array of specialty courses which were developed by a team of experts solely for Private Eye Investigations. You won’t find these anywhere else. These courses include, but not limited to; Private Investigator Training, Security Guard Training, Tactical Surveillance, Report Writing, Crime Scene Investigator Workshop, Parental Security Awareness, Children Cyber Security Awareness, Women’s Security Awareness, Business Security, Interviewing and Social Awareness, etc. 

All consultations are free of charge, call or email us today for more information.  We guarantee a response within 24 hours.
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The Quick and The Dirty 

"The Quick and The Dirty - EP.2: Private Dick" - Interview with Private Investigator Ashley Cyr.
Click the big red button below to listen to the hilarious interview Ashley Cyr has with Sandra, most famously known for her role on the "Carter and Sandra" show on Ottawa's KISS 105.3FM and Hilary from London's JACK 102.3 FM. These ladies now do an incredible weekly podcast known as the "The Quick and The Dirty". Listen in to learn some secrets of the trade and truths of what it's like to be a PI.

We, here at Private Eye Investigations, would like to take the time to thank Sandra and Hilary for inviting Ashley Cyr to be a special guest on their show.

Ottawa Business Journall 

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"Ottawa's Entrepreneurial Private Eye: Businesswomen of the year nominee Ashley Cyr" published in the Ottawa Business Journal allows you to understand and acknowledge Ashley Cyr's greatest inspirations, business accomplishments, obstacles and advice. 

We, here at Private Eye Investigations, would like to take the time to thank everyone over at the Ottawa Business Journal for asking Ashley Cyr some phenomenal questions and featuring her in their incredible magazine.

Danielle Magazine 

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"The Life of a Private Investigator" published in Danielle Magazine provides you with an in-depth look in owner, Ashley Cyr's, life as a private investigator as well as all the astonishing work in the community that she, and her team at Private Eye Investigations, has done in such a short period of time.

We, here at Private Eye Investigations, would like to take the time to thank the owners, publishers and editors at Danielle Magazine for not only reaching out but also taking the time to write a beautiful piece on Ashley Cyr and honoring "The Life as a Private Investigator".

Businesswoman of the Year Awards

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"Finalist for the 2016 Emerging Entrepreneur Category" published in The BYAs provides you with information on all the finalist for this year's BYAs. Ashley Cyr is humbled by the entire experience and for having been recognized amongst such incredible female entrepreneurs. Not only was she their youngest finalist, but Ashley was also their first ever Private Investigator! 

We, here at Private Eye Investigations, would like to take the time to thank all the wonderful volunteers and sponsors for having made this incredible event come to light.  


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Private Eye Investigations are proud sponsors of "Fort Town Night Run" which will be happening May 2018 in Prescott, Ontario. 
Click the link to the left to register, sponsor or donate to this incredible charity. 

"Helping Venturers in reaching new adventures." 

Rogers Television 

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Watch what owner, Ashley Cyr, spoke about live on Rogers Television's segment of "Entre Nous" October 18th, 2017 with Catherine Marion. *Starts at the 8 minute mark* //\\ Regardez ce que la propriétaire, Ashley Cyr, a raconté en direct le 18 octobre sur le segment «Entre Nous» de Rogers Television avec Catherine Marion.  *Commence a 8 minute*

We, here at Private Eye Investigations, would like to take the time to thank all the incredible staff at Rogers Television including the beautiful host of "Entre Nous" Catherine Marion for the opportunity to .

Power Circle  

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Watch as owner, Ashley Cyr, explains the highs and lowes of running a private investigation agency, her passion for investigating, tips and tricks and so much more! This fun filled interview was made possible by Power Circle Ottawa.  

We, here at Private Eye Investigations, would like to take the time to thank the crew at Power Circle Ottawa, including both wonderful co-hosts for having us part of their podcast.